'Tis the Season to Shop for Deals on Tech

Nov 19, 2021

Black Friday deals started earlier than ever this year and extend throughout the season. As online shopping continues to boom, so do the sales. And guess what? They don't disappoint!


Whether you’re on the hunt for budget friendly gift ideas or just want to treat yo’ self to some new gadgets, look no further. Andrea Smith knows how to save on the coolest electronics and the hottest deals of the season. From new devices and wearables, to streaming and more, Andrea’s got something for everyone on your list.

Galaxy Certified Renewed S20+

Here’s a little tip to help your budget – you can get a Samsung Certified Re-Newed smartphone like the premium Galaxy S20+ without the premium price tag.

Each device is refurbished to like-new condition with a new battery and a one-year warranty. You’ll get that amazing pro-grade camera system, 5G support and a vibrant 6.7” AMOLED display.Samsung smartphones feature 120hz refresh rate and 8K video recording.

Receive $350 off your purchase of a Certified Re-Newed Samsung Galaxy S20+ with an eligible trade in. Samsung Certified Re-Newed smartphones offer consumers access to premium Galaxy devices that are eco-friendly, cost-efficient and built like-new.

MSRP: $750; $400 with eligible trade in

Steelseries Glow Up Gaming Gear

For gamers of any skill level - up their game with SteelSeries Glow Up Gaming gear. They’ve got all the essential gear your gamer needs - Keyboard, Mouse, and Headsets - without breaking the bank.


The APEX 3 is a water-resistant gaming keyboard - protection against accidental spills – for under $50. The APEX 3 TKL is a TKL, or ten keyless, gaming keyboard, which is the size and shape of keyboards most preferred by esports champions. It provides more space and ergonomics while gaming. It comes with a vibrant, stunning, color-changing RGB display that looks amazing and you can customize for your games.


The RIVAL 3 is a great gaming mouse if you’re just starting out, or if you’re a seasoned gamer. It has stunning RGB lighting and offers precision performance and extreme levels of durability. 


The Arctis 1 headset can be used with any of your consoles, and it has a detachable microphone so it can do double duty as great-sounding headphones. Works with PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Switch, all while maintaining the same quality sound as SteelSeries high-end gaming headsets.



  • SteelSeries APEX 3 TKL Keyboard -- $44.99
  • SteelSeries RIVAL 3 Gaming Mouse -- $29.99
  • SteelSeries ARCTIS 1 Headset --$49.99, $99.99 for wireless

OtterBox Gaming Accessories

For gaming anywhere, at home or on the go – look at the OtterBox gaming portfolio – accessories that bridge the gap between controller and smartphone gaming.


The Mobile gaming clip holds your phone securely in place while the easy grip controller shell lets you personalize the look and feel of your controller.


Take it all on the go in the Easy Grip Gaming Case - just like OtterBox’s phone cases, you know they’re protected and safe. Hot swap batteries, controller shell, mobile gaming clip and more offer a solution for everything the gamer in your life needs to keep the game going.



Starting at $40

MotorTrend+ Streaming Service

Who wants socks this year when you can give the gift of MotorTrend+? Imagine how happy your family and friends will be watching commercial-free, multiple-device streaming of the best in automotive entertainment with exclusive access to thousands of hours top automotive shows such as TOP GEAR AMERICA, the most complete collection of classic “TOP GEAR,” KEVIN HART’S MUSCLE CAR CREW, new episodes of ROADKILL, the all-new special episode HOLIDAY HOOPTIE CHALLENGE, plus flag-to-flag coverage of motorsports events like the 24 HOURS OF LE MANS.

MotorTrend+ has amazing streaming deals throughout the holidays, starting on November 26 for Cyber Week get MotorTrend+ for .99 cents a month for 6 months! Then in December get the MotorTrend+ Holiday Deal for $35.99 for your first year. At these low holiday rates, grab a streaming subscription for yourself and a 1-year streaming gift card for a friend.

  • Starting November 26 through December 3, the MotorTrend+ Cyber Week Deal will provide the best in automotive content for just $.99 a month for 6 months.
  • This offer is MotorTrend+’s best deal of the year and is available at motortrend.com/cyberweekdeal

Through January 3, give the gift of MotorTrend+ with a 1-year Streaming Gift Card for $35.99.

MotorTrend’s streaming gift card is the easiest way to gift a subscription during the holidays.

Also, as an added bonus, buy the MotorTrend+ streaming gift card and you will be entered for a chance to win the Roadkill Bubble Project Car! Find out more at motortrend.com/giftcard.