Black Friday: Tips for Smart Shopping

Nov 14, 2023

Ready or not, here it comes – the biggest shopping event of the year. Tech expert Andrea Smith shares her insider tips and tricks to help you make the most of your Black Friday shopping. From smart gadgets that help around the house to wearable devices and more, she’ll talk about this season’s must-have items to level up your at-home tech inventory – all while getting the best deals around.  

iRobot Roomba Combo j5+

If you're looking for a robot floor cleaner, check out iRobot’s Roomba Combo J5+ - a combination robot vacuum and mop. 

With the vacuum bin installed, the Roomba Combo j5+ employs power-lifting suction and its dual rubber brushes to pick up dust, dirt and pet hair, automatically emptying the dirt and debris it collects into a self-emptying base for up to two months. Or fill the robot’s bin with water and it becomes a vacuum that not only mops but is smart enough to any avoid carpets and rugs to keep them dry. iRobot’s Robot OS also knows to avoid any obstacles in its path, like cords, shoes, even solid pet waste.

To make cleaning even easier, pair the robot with your favorite voice assistant. The Combo j5+ understands approximately 600 voice commands – simply tell it to clean specific rooms or by specific objects in your home, and it does what you ask instantly.  


This is usually $799, but during Black Friday/Cyber Monday it’s $300 off! 


MSRP: $499


There’s a great Cyber Week deal on the YubiKey which is a physical hardware security key that keeps your online accounts safe from hackers. Just like you have a key to your home or your car, the YubiKey acts as a key to all your online accounts.

This basically replaces having to enter a code that gets texted to you into the website you’re trying to access – it simplifies the process and does it for you. It uses multi-factor authentication (MFA) to add an extra layer of security that goes beyond your username and password.  

During cyber week, (Nov 20 - 27) YubiKeys will be buy one key, get a second key 50% OFF and they start as low as $25. Get it on Plus, for every 20 keys sold on the company’s e-commerce store on their site, Yubico donates 1 key to nonprofits or organizations in need.   


MSRP: begins at $25 at


Tech-loving families with wi-fi hungry devices need a router that can handle all the 4k streaming, gaming, and video conferencing going on. Wi-Fi 7 technology ensures consumer applications (such as 4K streaming, gaming, video conferencing, livestreaming, and AR/VR/MR) will have the performance and reliability users need, and the ARRIS SURFboard G54, one of the first Wi-Fi 7 cable modems on the market, delivers multi-gigabit speeds throughout the home, no matter how many devices are online.

Even better – it’s a cable modem & Wi-Fi router in one device so you can stop paying those monthly modem rental fees on your bill. Spectrum puncturing technology helps avoid channel interference to achieve faster Wi-Fi, even in noisy, crowded environments, and smart channel management technology avoids channel interference and improves bandwidth to ensure the home network is not impacted by neighboring networks. 

MSRP: $599