Top Tech for Kids this Back to School Season

Aug 20, 2021

Whether in grad school or grade school, tech continues to play an increasingly important role for how students are learning.  To help us sort through the latest and greatest, here is some insight on new products and apps from Tech expert, Andrea Smith.

Samsung Galaxy A52 5G Smartphone

Students everywhere rely on their smartphones for just about everything, and that’s why the Samsung Galaxy A52 5G smartphone is a great back to school buy. 

It has popular Galaxy features like a 6.5-inch Full HD display and a 120Hz refresh rate for smooth scrolling so it’s great for gaming, browsing, streaming a video after class or listening to tunes while working out.  

The Galaxy A52 5G also delivers a clear and balanced audio experience for movies and gaming with stereo speakers.  You can watch your favorite shows, work on your high score, and keep your playlist blasting with the long-lasting battery. Plus, when you do need a power boost, super-fast sharging will have you back up in no time.  Additional features include a new quad camera system with 64MP high-resolution and Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) to keep your images clear and steady.

With long-lasting battery life, a fast processor, 5G connectivity and plenty of storage, this device will keep up with the busiest student. And the best feature – it’s affordable price – starting at just $375 with an eligible trade in.



It’s important to keep younger children engaged whether they are in or out of school and ABCmouse is a great way to supplement their education.

It's a digital app that makes learning fun for kids ages 2 to 8 with tons of engaging activities across all subject areas.  Their award-winning curriculum is proven to show significant gains in math and reading, and it really helps kids excel.  Additionally, both parents and children can navigate the major areas of the app and access progress info

There are over 1500 books and puzzles in both English and Spanish, and content is constantly being refreshed, so your kids will never run out of fun and educational activities for only $12.99/month.

Otterbox for Kids

As we return to the classroom it’s important to make sure your kids and their devices are protected.  

OtterBox for Kids is all the protection you need for your devices. They’ve added that trusted durability you rely on for your phone case to a full line of kid friendly mobile accessories like tablet cases, screen protectors and cables that come in really fun colors.

The EasyGrab case stand is designed to help little hands grip and carry the tablet securely and it has an integrated hook so you can hang it on a headrest during a road trip.



Make sure you have a conversation with your kids about online safety before they return to school.  It's important for children of all ages to know how to spot a phishing scam and how to protect their privacy. In fact, a new study from McAfee found that parents are worried about the digital wellness of their kids and over three-quarters of them think digital wellness and online safety should be taught in the classroom.   

The good news is that over a quarter of parents surveyed already talk to their kids about digital wellness and online safety.  But if you aren't already it's important to start that conversation and make sure kids understand about online safety, misinformation, and cyber bullying.

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