How to Pack the Perfect Weekender Bag

Apr 06, 2023

Spring is in full swing which means it’s time to start packing for those sun-filled getaways. Beauty expert Kelsey Griffin has all the top tips for packing the perfect weekend travel bag. From moisturizers and deodorants to wellness products and self-care essentials, she’ll make your spring getaway the easiest one yet!

Olay Body’s Nourishing Body Wash and Body Lotion

Don't go anywhere with your skin feeling dry so that’s Olay Body’s Nourishing Body Wash and Body Lotion are a perfect go-to.

This combo packs a dual punch of hydration since they are formulated with Hyaluronic Acid which attracts and retains water. The body wash keeps the skin nourished and moisturized without leaving that coated feel. It’s also approved by the Skin Health Alliance so you know it’s a good choice!

MSRP: the body wash is $7.99 and the body lotion is $9.99, available at major retailers nationwide

You can never forget your deodorant – especially when you have a full day of running around in these warmer months. Secret’s formula provides 48-hour odor protection. This is game-changing, especially when you are running around all day.

The Aluminum Free Real Coconut is formulated with pH balancing minerals and keeps odor-causing bacteria in check to eliminate odor instead of masking it. Plus, it's free of parabens, dyes and talc and not to mention – the scents smell amazing! You can choose from scents like Real Lavender and Cherry Blossom to keep smelling fresh during any vacation or busy day.


MSRP: starting at $6.95

Mucinex Sinus-Max

Traveling can be so fun but you’ll definitely want to leave those pesky sinus symptoms at home. So, if you’re someone who suffers each season, bring a medicine with you that relieves sinus symptoms while on-the-go. Mucinex Sinus-Max products are fast-dissolving and start to relieve any congestion, headache, or sinus pressure in just a single dose.


Mucinex Sinus-Max comes with multiple solutions for relieving a variety of your sinus symptoms. There are options exclusively for congestion and pain, as well as pressure, pain, and cough. You can never predict when your allergies are going to act up so its important to have this in your travel bag as back up! And as always, use as directed.



  • Maximum Strength Sinus-Max® Day & Night MRSP: $18.49
  • Maximum Strength Sinus-Max® Severe Congestion & Pain MRSP: $13.97
  • Maximum Strength Sinus-Max® Pressure, Pain & Cough MRSP: $18.29