Working from Home with Tech Expert, Andrea Smith

Apr 28, 2020

As we all get used to working, teaching, and living entirely at home, it’s increasingly important that we stay connected!   Andrea Smith, technology contributor to ABC News, NBC News, Huffington Post and Techlicious, shares her tips and products to increase both productivity and comfort, as you work at home.

Turtle Beach Elite Atlas & ROCCAT Vulcan Keyboard

To make the transition to working at home, the right tech tools will help you be more productive.  If you’re having video calls over Zoom or Skype you know clear communication is key when working from home, and headphones like the Turtle Beach Elite Atlas is built for comfort, and delivers that clarity and reliability so you can hear everything going on and they can hear you – but they also keep out what’s going on in the rest of the house.

If you’re working on a laptop, upgrading to a regular keyboard can make such a difference in productivity.  The ROCCAT Vulcan keyboard allows you to be fast and precise when typing with a low-profile design and raised keys to help reducing typing strain.

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GE Lighting’s LED+ Collection

Getting the right lighting can really help with productivity during the work day, and relaxing in the evening, and I love gadgets that do double duty.

GE Lighting’s LED+ collection offers great light - plus a few extras - and it's as simple to use as screwing in a lightbulb. If you usually listen to music while you work, the LED+ Speaker Bulb streams music from your phone via Bluetooth.  To personalize your workspace, the LED+ Color Bulbs offer two white tones, a relaxing Soft White and an energizing Daylight, plus eight vivid colors, so when everyone shuts down for the day, you can use the speaker and color bulbs for a family dance party!

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Ooma Home Phone Service

One thing we’re all learning is you need to have a reliable phone line for calls and meetings, and talking on your mobile device all day just doesn’t cut it.

Ooma is a home phone service that offers everything your old landline had, such as Caller ID and 911 service. It comes in a few configurations, so you can choose if you want a direct connection to your router or go wireless but either way you get fast, reliable connectivity with HD voice quality.

Once you purchase the hardware, which starts at $79, the phone service is free, you pay only taxes and fees.  It also includes a free mobile app for making and receiving calls using your Ooma phone number so you don’t have to share your mobile number.

Want more features?  Ooma Premier is $9.99 a month and adds the ability to receive voicemail messages as audio files attached to email – so you can respond to calls even when you’re away from home.  It also includes a second phone line and powerful automated robocall blocking.

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